ADULT Nene Bird Ohia Lehua Leggings

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  • Buttery Soft Stretchy Material
  • Designed In Hawaii
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The Nene is known as being Hawaii's state bird. They are found on the Islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Hawaii. The Nene is a land bird and a variety of Hawaiian Goose. It has adapted itself to life in the harsh lava country by transforming it's webbed feet into a clawed foot and modifying it's wing structure for shorter flights. The Ohia Lehua tree is one of the most common trees in Hawaii. The name Ohia refers to the tree and Lehua to the flower. Legend says if you pick a Ohia Lehua flower it will rain.

As of right now the Ohia Lehua are dying from a new fungal disease called Ceratocystis. Help prevent spreading Rapid Ohia death by practicing these five things. Avoid injuring the Ohia. Don't move Ohia wood or Ohia parts. Don't transport Ohia inter-island. Clean gear and tools, including shoes and clothes, before and after entering forest. Wash the tires and undercarriage of your vehicle to remove all soil or mud.